A distinctive chef’s knife, which thanks to a really very sharp blade will give you a lot of satisfaction. Perfect and precise cuts and a quality design, thanks to its fine olive wood handle and its shapes, made according to Japanese dictates and traditions. Although it looks very much like a product of the rising sun, its production is all Italian, worthy of the best made in Italy.

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The blade of this beautiful product is made of 4116 nitrogen steel, a quality steel that through this addition improves cutting qualities and provides greater corrosion resistance. Blade and handle are one piece as there are no breaks in the steel that would weaken its structure. The steel is sized for what is needed and becomes the support on which the olive wood is riveted, which will be impeccably crafted and treated to be grasped by the hands of a Cook.

Its handle section is elliptical and has a conical shape, starting narrow near the blade and widening going toward the bottom. This improves the grip of the product in all conditions, preventing the knife from slipping out of your hand.

The name Gyuto o means cow knife and was given by the Japanese to the Chef’s knife to indicate that the product can be used for cutting meat. Just as in our country the Santoku, despite having the same functions as our chopper, has been relegated to almost only use in cutting vegetables and fish, in Japan the chopper has had the same impact, but its use is different. This happens when products that come to market have the same use as products that are already in use, and thus a use due to their functionality and usefulness rather than the operational capabilities of the tool prevails.