Olfactory Family: Spicy, Woody

Inspired by an enchanted place and its scents. An earthly paradise of a thousand colors surrounded by crystal clear waters: Zanzibar, the island of spices.

A pungent heart of black pepper, surrounded by the spicy accent of red berries and a radiant herbaceous hue of geranium, is enhanced freshness of aromatic notes of myrtle and the balsamic scent ofeucalyptus. At the base, the woody notes of vetiver and cedarwood that enrapture the senses.

Vibrant and dynamic, Zanzibar is both elegant and sophisticated, embodying the essence of a freedom-filled journey to a place on the edge of the world.

Experience the magic of the holidays with Spicy Gingerbread, the fragrance of Christmas.

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Zanzibar: spicy fragrance with woody olfactory facet. The essence that comes from the inspiration of an earthly paradise, an enchanted place of unparalleled charm: Zanzibar, the Spice Island. A riot of emotions arising from the sparkling notes of black pepper and red berries that meet the freshness of myrtle, accompanied by mild orange and eucalyptus accords. A complex and sophisticated composition that is enhanced by the elegant woody accords of vetiver and cedarwood and the noble, resinous character of elemi.

Much more than just an ambient fragrance: a virtual journey to a magical place, a sensory experience that draws you to a place at the edge of the world.

Fragrance intensity Flip the piths frequently (1-2 times a day) to ensure greater fragrance intensity. To moderate the intensity, flip only part of the pith.
Fragrance duration Factors such as the size and aeration of the room, exposure to direct sunlight, and high temperature can accelerate evaporation and reduce the shelf life of the fragrance.
Directions Place the diffuser away from light and heat sources. Consider the surface area of the room and match it with the most appropriate format.
Tip By purchasing a refill of the same fragrance, it will be possible to gradually refill the diffuser so as to reduce the evaporation surface area, while keeping the liquid level in the bottle high to ensure greater fragrance intensity and duration.

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